Qatar German Relations

Forty years of German-Qatari relations have left a good influence in the hearts of the two friendly peoples. These relations have grown significantly in recent years and now cover a wide range of commercial, cultural, sports, scientific and political fields.

There is constant dialogue and consultation between the two sides on the political coordination on the issues of the region and important files such as Syria, whose people are suffering from wars. On this basis, meetings and consultation between the two countries are very important in order to alleviate the suffering of the Syrians, as both parties complement each other.

In terms of trade, the Qatari-German relations are characterized by distinction and strength. The volume of trade exchange between the two sides is increasing year after year to reach 2.5 billion euros. 

The areas of economy, culture, sport and development will continue to be important areas for future cooperation. Qatar Foundation's successful role at the global level made it a very well-known entity in German scientific circles. The German school in Doha also plays an important role in teaching German in Qatar and teaching German curricula as well.

On the sporting front, Qatar has become a great host of various sporting events, for example hosting the December 2014 Swimming Championships, the Handball World Cup in January 2015, the 2016 World Street Race Championships and the 2016 World Tour for People with Special Needs.

Qatar also won the hosting of Formula 1 sports car races starting in 2017, the world championship in gymnastics in 2018 and the 2019 World Athletics Championships, as well as its hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

Many of the world's most famous German sports teams such as Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Schalke, as well as the world's best athletes in all sports, all prefer to organize their own preparation camps at the Aspire Academy in Doha Which Schalke is considered  one of its strategic partners.

As for Qatar's hosts for the 2022 World Cup, German companies are also eagerly looking forward to this important event, because they are contributing to the preparations for this big sporting event.

Apart from sports, a large number of German companies are already cooperating with Qatari companies and in various activities. In addition, Qatar's investments in Germany are growing more and more every day as the two sides seek to link the two countries to each other in all fields. This has been done in the past, particularly through memorandums of understanding in research, science, technology and culture.

The cooperation also includes fields related to science and culture. There are many large German companies that are currently working in Qatar in various fields, especially in science, development research and energy. Cooperation between universities contributes to enhancing educational and cultural relations between the two sides. Qatar Airways is also one of the most important companies to cooperate with German companies in aviation and technology related to this field. 

In addition, German delegations in various fields visit Doha for coordination and cooperation in all fields. This is reflected by the number of German citizens in Qatar which is about 1800 Germans residing and working in Doha in Qatari companies, Qatari-German joint companies, universities, and areas of  culture, education and economy. As well as the areas of health, transport and infrastructure, which are all important and main areas for both sides. Sharing knowledge and expertise in these areas is one of the first concerns of both countries. Both Germany and Qatar aim to create diverse and innovative business sectors.